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10 Mar 2012

Mashooka for 'Fashion For Life'

Posted by Aradhana Voight

For Fashion for life, which starts today at 9 am slt, I have worked out a few designs,

March 10-20

First the Sakita Mesh top, trendy and adds vibrance to any outfit you pair it with

poster Sakita mesh

The Sachhi dress, with a lace cut top and an adding elegance this spring

poster Sachhi

Last week hindus all over the world celebrated Holi, the spring festival, this year an unique Indian dress is available at Fashion for life

poster Shayenne gharara

The Sabita dress, a new feminine spring dress with sculpt collar and skirt

poster Sabita

The Nehru suit in the color green is also contributing to Fashion for Life

poster Nehru suit mesh

hope you have a great time at the fair

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